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Joint Mobilisation

Wherever relevant this is included in the Biomechanical Examination and in the case of of certain conditions such as ankle pain/dysfunction may be all that is required.


Bowen/Emmett Technique

I stumbled across this fascinating whole body technique while in Australia learning the joint mobilisation techniques above under the great Dr Paul Conneely. As it originated in Australia it was common there, less so here although that is changing.

As a long term back pain sufferers who has tried all the usual approaches and some of the more unusual ones I was delighted by the profound and deep effect that it made on my symptoms. Practically, it is a series of gentle rolling moves made over key points of the body, through clothing is fine, which creates changes in body alignment. But at a deeper level, it also helps wellbeing. Sound far fetched? That’s what I thought until I tried it!

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Podiatric Acupuncture

This is something that I have added to my repertoire under the guidance and supervision of the College of Podiatry, chiefly in the treatment of pain in the lower limb, and am fully insured to use by them. I may also use this as a part of the Biomechanical Examination for relief of pain and restoration of function in targeted muscle groups.

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