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This is offered at all three venues.

This could be described as the application of mechanical principles to a biological structure, (The human body). As you might imagine, this has relevance to a whole host of different problems not just in the foot, but all the way back up the Skeletal Kinetic Chain, including shins, knees, hips, lower back and even the neck and head.

The process is in three parts:

1. Gait analysis using a computerised force plate. This allows us to see what is happening under different conditions, barefoot, with shoes and if you already have Orthotics, how these are working for you.

2. Pelvic Examination. The Pelvis is the link between upper and lower body so understanding its role in the individual presenting is critical to Orthotics prescription.

3. Static Examination of different joints, their range of motion and

relationship to one another.

Orthotics Manufacturing

If the indication from the examination process is that Orthotics are needed then I will take plaster casts or foam impressions of the feet. These are then sent away to a manufacturing lab with a prescription. Accordingly, Orthotics that are Bespoke to the patient are then made, a bit like prescription spectacles.

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