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I am able to provide a full range of Routine Chiropody services both in clinic at Birmingham,
and in the convenience of your own home if required.

  • Routine reduction of Callus, (Hard Skin),
    and removal of Corns

  • Gentle trimming of nails that are hard to reach or thickened/pinching at the corners

  • Padding, Strapping and manufacturing of simple devices to offload painful areas.

Also included:

  • Advice and treatment for Neuropathic, Diabetic and Rheumatoid feet

  • Neurological, (Nerve), and Vascular, (Circulatory), check ups

  • Footwear and Footcare product advice


chiropody and nail surgery.png

I am able to provide this service at my Clinic in Birmingham.

  • First, a detailed questionnaire to assess suitability for Local Anaesthesia is completed.

  • Under anaesthesia, the side/s of the nail that are ingrowing are removed and a chemical called phenol is applied to prevent regrowth.

  • The patient is seen weekly for redressing until healing is complete.

This usually takes about a month from start to finish. The advantages of this process are cosmetically,
a nail is left visible but also comfortable.

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